North West Joinery

North West Joinery Coating Ltd

Providing 'Wood Finishing Solutions' to companies who do not have their own finishing facility,or where there is the need to outsource due to larger projects and time constraints.

The core of the company is built on the knowledge and enthusiasm of the Director Stuart Robinson.

Stuart began his career with Neville Johnson Furniture (later becoming Johnson & Johnson Furniture) where he became firstly 'Spray Shop Manager' then later 'Production Manager' up until 2012.

Then in 2013 with his experience and passion for the industry he launched Northwest Joinery Coatings Ltd.


As a Company we continue to look at ways to improve the well being not only of our staff but also our impact on the environment.
By implementing more 'Waterborne' and 'Formaldehyde' free products we aim to significantly reduce our V.O.C output and enhance Work Shop Health and Safety.