North West Joinery


Since the plastics boom Timber Window frames became a receding market.
But thankfully now due to improved design and production methods with the obvious green credentials, Timber has fought its way back.
Part of the improved production methods include Micro porous Paint Technology.

Micro porous paints are designed to allow the substrate beneath to breathe, which in turn improves the life of both the wood and the coating. However for optimum performance it is vital joinery is designed with appropriate angles to ensure prompt shedding of water.

One of the greatest advantages to the industry is that these coatings can be applied via spray, quickly and cost effectively within a factory environment. Therefore enabling pre-finished goods to be delivered to site.

At North West Joinery Coatings Ltd We specialize in High Quality factory finishing to all aspects of external joinery. We cater for companies that either do not have their own Spray Shop or need assistance with short deadlines.

With our dedicated line and drying room we can offer a fast turn round from point of collection to delivery back to your premises.

Our Drying facility now incorporates a "Schubert" Infrared gas catalytic curing system which all our external joinery coated products pass through so the finish when it leaves us isnt just dry it is actually fully cured thus preventing issues down the line when the joinery is delivered to site and then exposed to the elements.

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