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Paintwork can become damaged, it’s just one of those things. If you need a professional repair service that gets great results, get in touch with North West Joinery Coatings Ltd in Ashton-under-Lyne. We’ll take care of it quickly and effectively.

Hand holding a spray gun and painting wood


While the vast majority of companies that carry out work for clients in the north west are reputable, and do their best to avoid leaving damaged paintwork; accidents can happen. If you’ve had work carried out on your property recently and have been left with some chips, scratches, dents or other damage, and you need a team to put it right, then North West Joinery Coatings Ltd can help.


Our on-site remedial work service is designed to fix these problems quickly and efficiently, ensuring that your painted surface looks exactly the way that it’s supposed to, and that any marks and blemishes are dealt with properly. If you’d like to find out how the process works, and what we can do, please get in touch with the team today.

Black Wood Texture


We’ve built great relationships with businesses across the north west, offering our remedial services to leave perfect paintwork. If you’ve recently had a fit-out team remodelling your premises, and there are some areas of finish that need attention, we’ll get it done. We have carried out paint and polishing repairs for many businesses over the years, and there’s very little we can’t fix. If you have a job that you’d like our team to look at, just let us know.

Wooden table being sanded, ready for painting
A white painted table
A black painted dressing table
A painted wooden gate
An ornate headboard, painted black
A sideboard painted duck egg blue
A painted gate in the workshop


We know that having things looking right for your customers matters to any business, and that having to wait for repairs to the paintwork isn’t going to be good, so we aim to work as quickly as possible. Thanks to our extremely skilled and efficient team, we’re able to take care of most repairs quickly, minimising any downtime or delay for you and your business. As fast as we work though, we never compromise on the quality of the end result.

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Make sure the finish of your paintwork is perfect – contact the experts at North West Joinery Coatings Ltd in Ashton-under-Lyne for reliable painting and polishing repairs.

0161 343 1514

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